4 Sexy Gift Ideas While You Still Have Time Before Xmas.

Stuck for an idea of what to get your sexy special someone this Christmas? Thinking you want something that is a bit frisky and something you can both get involved using? We’ve got a few suggestions for Santa to put on his list.

Sex Bell

Sex Bell, Shag Bell, whichever you choose, their ding-a-ling sound means the same thing…I want sex!! Get your partner one of these, and you can initiate romp without having to say a word, just give a shake of this randy bell!

Power Travel Massager/Vibrator

For an ideal raunchy gift, why not get them a pocket-sized vibrator to keep them company and satisfy them when you’re not there? These vibrators are discreet and compact yet pack a punch big enough to give mind-blowing orgasms. Should they be travelling elsewhere, chances are they’re going to miss you, yet at the same time feel almost like you’re in the room with them giving them making them scream the walls down.

Massage Candle

Should your lover have a little bit of a sweet tooth and appreciate the massages you give them, then we’ve got the perfect Christmas pressie for them! Massage candles are deliciously scented and come in all sorts of scents including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Unfortunately, they’re not for consumption, but the melted wax makes a brilliant massage oil that will have your partner either sighing with contentment or moaning with pleasure.

Comfortably Numb Lollipops

Technically this gift would be to her, but in a way, this is more intended for him. These lollipops have numbing agents which desensitise some of the feelings at the back of the throat and easier enable a woman to deep throat without provoking her gag reflex.

So should you have been a good girl/boy, perhaps you will get one of these on our list. If you’ve been naughty, you might just get a good spanking and a lump of coal!

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